Lockdoor Framework

A Penetration Testing Framework

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Social Engineering ( cybrary course )

Google Dorks


This tool allows you to visualize the relationships between and among various bits of information, which Maltego calls entities, that you discover about the target of a Social Engineering Audit.

Recon-NG is used for gathering information that is accessed through the Kali Tools Web site.

Social Engineering Toolkit (SE Toolkit)

Cupp (Common User Password Profiler) ( from github)

This tool allows you to generate a list of possible passwords to use in the Dictionary file. The Dictionary file(s) can be expanded as more information is gathered.


a simple and useful tool for generating word lists for use with a password cracking tool.

Shodan (www.shodan.io)

Shodan crawls the Internet and identifies IP addresses that have a service running. Then it does a banner grab of the service that is running, and it saves the banner information. You can search on a keyword or an IP address to find the services that are running.


an interesting account enumerator tool that allows you to do account harvesting. You will use this tool to find out where your target has accounts on various Web sites. You install Scythe into your Kali instance from GitHub using the following steps: · Go to www.GitHub.com · Enter Scythe into the site’s search function · Choose ChrisJohnRiley/Scythe from the list that is returned


The Web site www.geocreepy.com provides a useful tool that allows you to do geolocation for a target by using various social networking platforms to track individuals. Creepy works with Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, and Google Plus.

Generate all possible Emails for a specific user

spread sheet